Body Mount Question?


I started replacing all my body mounts (2-7) and found that on #2 and #6 the hole that the mount sits on is rotted open #2 pass side was poking through a little. and #6 is kinda bad. I'm gonna get a few washers from G body # 6 is not to bad to get to weld but #2 is gonna be a major B**ch. is there an easy to fix this? dont really wanna lift the body to high. can I get away with 2 washers 1 top 1 bottom to sandwich the frame.
any other ideas? pull fenderwell?
essentially the guy cleaned out the hole, welded in a washer and then used a hole saw to cut the hole back to the original size.

I would think #2 would be accessible if you took off the front clip. You can easily see it from the front
I definately dont wanna pull the clip off. I guess I'll pull the bolts out of the core support and see if the body will go up more . any Idea how high I can lift the body without unhooking things. I think I might try to slip in a washer and weld it through the hole in the bottom.
I am going to use a knockout like you did and make the washers. I think the I.D. is 1.5 right ? I think I am gonna try to pull the wheelwell loose and see if I can get in there. great pics looks just like my problem.
I read that last thread a little more closely and it says that the greenline punch used by the guy who did it was for a 1 1/4" ID, 1 1/2" OD pipe entry into an electrical box. Later on another guy said he used a washer that had a 1 1/2" hole already in the washer--saved buying a punch. In your case it might help avoid working in tight spaces.
So I guess these holes were 1 1/2" according to the post. You were correct.

I have not done this yet myself. I am pulling the body in about a month--so this is probably what I have to look forward to. That is why I have been studying this topic so much.
I am guessing that the only reason it is #2 +6 is they are the only ones that had the bottoms. 3,4,&7 lowers were new and some bonehead stuck washers inside the bottoms before tightening them down. they were probably doing very little to stiffen the body. I removed the core support bolts and loosened the bumper enough to hang down, I jacked the car up and it seems I should be able to get in there with a mig. I'll try to get a few pics today.