Body Shop Tech Section, Worth Creating On The Forum?


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Dec 15, 2002
After doing $10k of touch up stuff, realized there's not really a specific section for us all to talk about or give recommendations on body work. Considering we're all driving 35+ year old cars, these are getting and will require more body work moving forwards.

Any thoughts on making a section for this vs putting this in General Tech Section posts?
Oh wow, in all the years I've been on the board, that section never caught my eye. I guess I don't travel that far down the board. Hahaha
Something to consider...

Put the body tech forum within the main grouping and not in the miscellaneous. Considering the body restoration aspect is more expensive than engines etc I'd consider throwing the body forum up within Tech, possibly after E85/Alky section etc.
Cool thanks, easy to find.

I'll assume later on they'll just move the threads from show car restoration into that one so there's one uniform location.
I've gone thru the first 5 pages of the restoration forum and moved the articles, newer and older, that refer directly to paint, body.
If anyone would like to have a specific thread or post moved, LMK with a link.
My main post in there is gonna go into detail on t top restoration, gonna be a picture and video guide for others. Also, it'll be like $5k + in work needed to accomplish so it'll be a nice addition to that section moved.

Watch one man's pocket book fly out the t tops to get them restored so he can....
Leave them closed the whole time while driving. LOL