Bolt ons for this engine or save for 86/87 engine????


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Nov 24, 2001
Here is my goal, I want to at least dip into the 11's. Can I do it easily (no, I did not say cheaply, but leaning towards bolt ons only) with the 84 engine or should I think about saving $$ for an 86 or 87 ?? I was hoping to stay with this engine. I want to get a bigger turbo and I am not sure what to do yet. I am leaning towards the Ta49 or the TE44. REDS HOT AIR has informed me that I need to "adapt" the turbo to the intake. Would it be easier to go with an 86/87 style intake ?? I would also like to add an intercooler to it in the future. I want to know EVERYTHING about an 84/85 to a 86/87 intake swap. I have heard something about an oil hole on the block needs to be put in ?? I know there are more than just a few of you out there so let me know. Give me some info AND opinions. I do not want to start something and find out I went about it the wrong way. I also do not want to adapt a tubo to the 84 intake if it will make it hard to convert to 86/87 in the future. I am already going to upgrade the ECM and the coil/module to 86/87.
the biggest thing for you to do since you blan to go i/c'd is to go with the t/m i/c kit which has a special built intake and then you can go with any turbo you want.

as far as swithching to 86/87 intake is that the turbo wont fit were it is now so it would have to be moved .

i have switched my car from hotair to 87 setup but i changed wireing harness and everything out of an 87 type t.

Louie has switched to 86-87 setup in his car and can tell you all the headaches of trying it that way.

if i hadent come across the deal i did on the 87 motor then i would be in line for the t/m i/c kit.

enough for now i suck at typeing ....RED

This conversion to '86-'87 intercooled involves a lot of parts. You can buy these piece by piece, or buy a complete engine. Either way is expensive. Count on $2000 plus, depending on the amount of performance parts you buy. The main reason I am going to the '86-'87 set up vs staying with the '85 is that I can run cheaper '86-'87 stock headers, there are not a lot of 3" DP options for '84-'85, I don't like the exhaust up-pipe for '84-'85, and I don't like the turbo on top of the engine. So far I have collected a pile of '86-'87 parts for the conversion:

intake manifold, intake plenum, passenger side header, alum. accessory brkt., pulleys, belt tensioner & pulley, throttle cable bracket, coil pak bracket, coil pak plate, turbo mounting bracket, pwr str pump and reservoir, ac compressor brkt (L shaped), alternator brkt (rear-tree branch shaped), alternator brkt (front-inverted Y), oil lines supply and return, hard vacuum lines, hard coolant lines, accufab 65 mm TB, stock throttle body (for arm), a/c hose assy, 3"down pipe (new), power steering hose pressure, billet vacuum pod, heater core, heater core hoses (2), billet thermostat housing, CAS V4 intercooler, and a Walbro 340 fuel pump. I still lack a few parts to complete the conversion.

In hind sight, I sometimes wish I had stayed with the '84-'85 setup and really put some effort into it, especially when I see ones like Cool84's, and a few others that have the TM setup. These cars are capable of going into the low 11's and possibly 10's, as they breath just as well as any '86-'87 cars with the mods they have added. I hope this helps some.
I would say stay with the 84-85 motor. If you intercool the motor with a nice turbo it will move for yea. I dont have much done to mine and got a easy 12.6@ 108.5 with no scan tool and a street chip with the ta 33.

I do love the 86-87 set up and they do look alot easyer to work on.
Piecing all the parts together that are need ofr the 86-87 conversion is a pita (trust me I tried). Unless you can find a wrecked car or a complete engine (harness,accesories), I would seriously consider the Turbomotion intake kit.

Hey NoCooler, do you have any 1/4 mile times? You setup is similar to one I was looking into, just seeing what is possible.
I wil also go the turbomotion kit if I had to do it agian.we are geeting ready to put a te 60 and some msd 50 and soon.and fuel pump soon and see what happens .