Boost controller, Alc control and XFI install pic's

Big Mike

Don't Piss me Off!
Jun 3, 2002
Anyone have some pictures of the install placement of the XFI box and the innovative boost controller box.?
I have a spare stock computer holder and has thinking of cutting it to see how it would fit.I was going to open it so I could see the lights on the xfi flicker .I was going to put the xfi box in the glove compartment but I think the wire are little short.
The boost controller was going to go where the stereo is. I might make a black plexi cut and place it there.Not sure. I still have to think of a blace to put the alc injection controlls.I dont want to cut up my armrest box.
Any ideas would be helpfull.
Mike, place the control box between the radio bezel and instrument cluster.. it will be mounted vertically...just push it into the tight spot.. dont worry.. it will go in :eek:

Mount the XFI to the kick panel without the ecm cover. In other words ditch the stock ecm cover and mount the XFI directly to the kick panel..that way you can see the pretty lights.

BTW.. need an alky program for the XFI ... hollaaaarrr.. off list via email.. i'll send you the .gct.. Its a beautiful thing.. all you do is change the injectors and touch up the VE fuel tables.. leave the timing and targets alone.. works good with nitrous too :eek:

Badabing ;)
Thanks Razor.
I had a old ecm cover which I cut small holes in (to make sure the lights were visible) and opened up the back a little to make more room for the wires.It fit pretty good. I have a small rpm gauge (with the internal shift light) comming off the right side and a egt (by the air vent) I made a aluminum plate and mounted it between the dash cluster and the outer dash cover. I just want to change everything.Looks too crowded.And I have the 2 pod gauges under the stereo unit.I dont want any holes anywhere.
I would still like to see where everyone else has thier stuff stashed.

Razor,I dont have the alcy hooked up yet.Trying to deal with car issues before adding more fuel to the fire. I logged a small pass and I guess I will have to take a look at it this weekend.