Tom Kelly

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Jun 23, 2016
Hi everyone. I have had a set of Speedhut digital gauges in my 86 since I bought it four years ago. They all worked fine except the fuel pressure gauge which developed a strange malady a while back. If I just turned on the key, it would initialize properly. But if I then started the engine it would fail. If I started the engine quickly without pause it would work fine. This problem was fixed by Speedhut putting in a new circuit board.

NOW. My boost gauge started doing something similar last Spring. On the first cold start of the day it worked fine. Also, with any start, If I just turn on the key it initializes correctly. However when the car is warm it goes to "sender error" no matter how I start it (quickly or not) After cooling down it works fine for that start and then fails when car is warm. Speedhut has replaced the sender and the harness and has replaced the board twice. No help. It's so weird that it must be something simple. Anybody out there with a thought on this? Thanks