Boost gauge sensor????


I just got my first GN and am having trouble with the routing of some vaccum lines. The engine was rebuilt about 1000 miles ago and I can even tell that the person that installed it didnt know turbo buick motors. According to:

the line coming off the vaccum connection block that is suppose to be going to the "boost gauge sensor" is connected to my "waste gate solenoid" I know this is wrong and should be coming off the "Y" from the wastegate its self. My problem is the "boost gauge sensor " line. Where does it go?? From everything I have read both online and in my service manuals the waste gate solenoid has 2 connections: one to the wastegate and the other to the atmosphere. I hope someone can help me please. :confused: :confused:
The digital boost gauge in the dash connects to the MAP sensor on the passenger fender. If you have an aftermaket gauge hooked up, it can be T'd from several different places.
Thanks for the reply Joe,

I do have an after market gauge. It is T'ed off the line coming from the wastegate line before it goes to the MAP sensor. My main concern is the vaccum line thats suppose to go to the boost gauge sensor. Which doesnt make much sense to me. If someone could take a picture of the passenrger side of the engine to include the Vaccum block and waste gate solenoid to the waste gate I would be very much in you debt.