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Chris Robertson

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Ok. Read what everone sent me and Im confused. Tag on my radiator cover says buick and appears brake recall was done.
Accumulator ball is aftermarket
as the name is hydac. switch is grey and motor looks new and shiney.
When key is off I go to pump brakes and its as i have no real pedal feeling till i pump it 10-15 times. I turn key on and pump runs and runs. So i open lid and brake fluid is black and almost gone on passenger side once key turns off. If i pump brakes it comes back full. Whats going on? Help me in the right direction please. Looks like bubbly froth on left side after fluid comes back from pumping breaks.
Take that POS power puker off, and go with a vacuum or hydra boost system, I had no problems whatsoever, and on a long ride last year, the dreaded brake light, and it was one hell of a ride home, let’s were tired from standing on the pedal. I would not ever put a power master system back on, GM knew it was a failure from the get go.
Change it out, keep you and your family safe.
Everything you described is exactly how the system works, key on, fluid disappears into the accumulator, key off, pedal will disappear until you pump pedal at least 10 times to drain fluid back into the reservoir.
If you want to keep the Power Master system, plan on changing fluid about every 6 months to keep it working.
Like Reaper said, sounds like normal operation except that the motor should stop running once its done sucking fluid from the passenger side of the reservoir. However the black fluid is detrimental to this particular system. Yearly changes is minimum. Every 6 months even better. To make it easy to remember I just do it with every 6 month engine oil change. When you do it that often all you have to do is pump the pedal key-off until hard then suck the fluid out of the reservoir. When refilling follow the fill lines in the reservoir using DOT3 or 4. I like 4. Even with giving it all this attention is no guarantee it will live a trouble free life. That's why most will swap it out.
Greyghost, search the vendors, quite a few of them have the complete vacuum replacement system, or if you want, spend the extra money and get a hydra boost system, both are excellent replacements to the Powermaster.
What is the best GM brake system to go with as a replacement Monte Carlo ?

I got the brake parts off an '86 Monte SS with dual diaphragm brake booster out of the salvage yard in the mid '90's Before vendors had kits and have been happy with it ever since.