Buick day In NE. OHIO SEPT. 2ND.

Roy L.

I hear the details will be found on kuhnle websites soon as they just finalized the details. Anybody know who's in charge of running? It sounds like more fun for the summer.
Just when you think of Buick people being secondary, we're getting an event all to ourselves. Couldn't get more awesome, support it!!! You want to get a lot of attention to our cars to keep these values up. Even if you don't race, bring your car and spectate. Show it off
Buick Day is coming up this Saturday and the weather is going to be phenomenal. No rain in sight. 82°. Going to be a great race day. I hope you can make it
This is only a couple days away. Let's show Kuhnle we can bring the cars If given a chance and make this a bigger event in 2024. Please share and tell your friends about it.
We will be having a bracket class and if we get enough cars, we will run a Quick 8 on top of the bracket class. The track is 1/4-mile racing.

Hope to see a few of you guys and gals out at Kuhnle Motorsports Park on September 2nd.
We will have one for sure but maybe 2 race classes for our Buicks. If we have enough, we will be running a Quick 8 and then a regular bracket class. Both will be on a sportsman tree and both classes will be 1/4 mile. Car can be either Buick bodied, or Buick powered. The track will also have their Box-No box classes if you're interested in running both. There will be test and tune lanes. The also have the UMTR stick shift racers there with us. Should be a great time. The track is looking forward to seeing how many Buicks we can get to show up and this will determine if next year will be a 2-day event with a private track rental one day for Buicks.

I would like to thank Vinnie Barbarino from Surfside Auto and Cody Gamble from Gambles Machine and Performance for coming on board and sponsoring.

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I copied this from the V8 Buick site.
Even if you can't get your car out like me because we broke it. Attendance is very important too