Bumper Fillers


I know this has been discussed in depth and I’ve read through many threads here. Spool Fool has a great reputation on a great product. I called a local paint shop to find out price on prep and paint if I were to go with an OEM style. It will be a little more money going with OEM style and paint but not bad. My car is nowhere near perfect but a very nice survivor car. I’ve heard a few mention that in the sun the fiberglass fillers do not match up color wise. Also the body shop I called said stay away from fiberglass if the car is not perfectly straight. They were not fans of fiberglass but had not used the spool fool. My wife did hit a deer 20 years ago. Minor damage so I don’t think it would matter if I went with fiberglass. Is there anything else I should consider before I order?
Thanks Chad
Spool Fool's pieces are beautiful and easily modified to fit. Order them.
Paint guy needs to know what primer to use before laying down said color of your car with the spoolfool. Not a big deal at all, just went through this with my car. Spoolfool FTW...
If you have the budget ill go in with a 3x on the spool fool unit. I have the "less expensive" 'glass ones on mine because they are less expensive and already black so I just bolted em on(I daily mine so the paint is NOT show quality). A buddy is having good luck with the rears ones from summit. But as you are already aware, the painting is involved and not exactly "less expensive".
If you have a GN, Mike's (SpoolFool2) pieces come gel coated to match the OEM black. I can't speak to the fading and/or checking of OEM paint and or the match of a repaint, but his parts are as close as can feasibly be matched to OEM. He spent a great deal of time researching this issue.

If you have a Turbo Buick of a different color, shop around for fair deal on getting them painted. Use someone with a good reputation locally.

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Mike is very accessible here on the board or by phone and will probably be the best resource for what products to use if changing colors on his parts.
Thanks guys. My wife was asking for birthday ideas. I would like to drive the car this summer. Looks like spool fool is the way to go.
I called Mike at spool fool with the intention of ordering fronts. After talking to him I went out to the garage and pulled the car covers back to look at the rears. They looked white and had a crack. So I know have a full set on the way. Don't tell my wife. I don't think she planned on spending this much on me for my birthday.
Thanks again.
if you were in AZ, I could paint them for you.....
I have Spool Fool bumper fillers on my car and they look great. I like the idea of the one piece rear filler. I didn't paint mine. They have a little grey in them but unless I point it out to people nobody notices it.
I'm really excited. The car has sat too long. I got some work to do but would really enjoy taking my boys to some car events later in the summer. Maybe even the track. Would be a blast to have my children watch it go down the track.
Just be realy careful with install,they are a great product but can be easily scratched if you dont take your time during install. You wont be disappointed, they are beautiful product.
The fillers came in the mail today. I have not opened them yet but the box looks decent so I would guess they are fine. Two of my boys pulled the old rear fillers off the car. Not bad for ages 7 & 12. I'm looking at the plastic piece that goes behind the license plate held in by four nuts. It has wax marks and fading. Now would be the time to paint it if i'm going to. Is there rattle can paint that would be good? Thanks in advance. Chad
very nice spool fool way to go, if anyone using the oem style there needs to be a flexing agent mixed in the paint