C10 6.0L 78/75 Turbo Build


The White Blur
Here is my C10 guys. I have been in the Buick family since 2000 and thought I would share as I have moved on from the mighty v6 to pursue other car dreams. Anyway, I always loved the C10's and bought this truck about 4 years ago and bagged it a few months after owning it. I decided it was time to build it with an LS motor, so last summer I pulled the old 350/350 out for a Turbo 6.0/Th400 build. First two pics are of this summer and last two are most recent...Still needs a lot of work, but should be done this spring.



The White Blur
I am fabbing the hot side for the turbo this week, so it will be..lol
I wanted to get it running N/A and make sure all is good before throwing a turbo on it.


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707 HP with a warranty is tuff to beat! LOL Dodge got it right with the hellcat! Cant wait to see the Helaphant power plant in something!