Cam question


mmmmmmmmmmmmm TURBO!!!!!!
Nov 16, 2003
Just curious if I should run an aftermarket torque converter with a 204-214 cam. :confused:
I have no idea. I'm getting it with a set of ported and rebuilt heads from frankg. I'll have to ask him. I think it may be a Poston cam. I'll have to confirm it with him.
ohh...ok...let me know...i am trying to find a kit that includes all that stuff for timing/cam/kifters....all that with the 201/214 split cam....Thanks a bunch!
The cam I'm getting is distributed by Super Stock Industries and is the exact same grind as the sealed power cam.
I contacted summit racing and spoke with a cool guy named oswald. He set me up with an order number so when I have the cash, I will get this cam: Speed Pro 204/214 buick grand national camshaft and lifter set. The price is 129.99 w/o shipping. He said I could have it by april 1 if I ordered it today. I have no cash at the moment, however, I have heard nothing but really good things about this cam.

Does anyone know what else I should replace when doing a whole cam/lifters/timing upgrade? I got a double roller chain for the car from poston or edlebrock, not too sure, but what else do I need, or should I get?