cam springs imput?


Sep 6, 2003
I have a 204/214 cam that I bought with the idea of installing, but talked myself out of it. In the process of changing springs and timing chain, I have found the #1 intake (1st rocker on the driverside?) is not moving as much as the others. It actually only moves about 1/3 as much up and down as the rest of the rockers as I rotate the motor. It does not feel like a soft lifter when I push on it, but the pushrod is just as tight as the rest. I believe that the cam lobe has wiped (motor has 144k on it). With this in mind I am going to pull the cam out and replace it with the edelbrock 204/214 kit I have sitting here (figure I need to pull it to check might as well replace it). My question is I have already installed comp cams 980 valve springs. Will it hurt anything to break it in with the new springs or should I change them out? The edelbrock install guide says new springs must be used.

You will be fine with the springs. Just make sure you lube the cam well when installing it and be careful not to hit any cam lobes on the way in. ;) Frank
Cool, I figured that since it already a part and that rocker isn't moving much I might as well thow it in.;)

Hopefully my lobes will like to stay on the cam