Onyx Dragon

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Well, I don't have a supercharged 3800, but It is a 3800. I was told that before investing in a cam, to talk to the people on this site. Hopefully, this is the correct forum. My question is, what should I look for in a cam? There are about three vendors with cams for my car, but one of the vendors say all of the cams are dangerous because of the valve seal, and that the lift on the cams will cause the valve seal to, at the very least, get bumped, and sometimes, crushed. Several suggestions have come out of this.

1) One vendor has made a less aggressive cam
2) Another says he's been running the cam in his car for awhile and no problems
3) Another says to have the heads machined so that you can take a higher lift, but to also get stronger springs, and change valve guides, and keepers.

Any opinions on which of the above woudl be best, or any other suggestions, would be greatly appreciated. Maybe it would be better if I had a cam ground for my car that is just a bit lower than the overly aggressive cams? TIA!