Can somebody help me tune my car?


Power Stroked
I really need to hook a scan tool up to and see what kind of fuel pressure to run. i also installed the ford intercooler and am curious to see if i can run more boost without det. It idles rough and almost sounds like it is missing. the entire ign. system has been replaced and i just put in new wires and plugs. Any help would be appreicated. I live by Sedaila MO. About a hours drive east of KC.

Hey, I already told ya to give me a call and head up to KC.....Id be more than happy to help you tune the car in. Just be prepared to put some Xylene in the tank and tinker on the car for a few hours. 913 526 5999

Ill be in KC Friday till January 17th for winter break from school.

PS- did you ever get that turbo fixed/replaced??
Turbo replaced? It still works so i will just put that off until it has to be replaced with a much larger one. I'll give you a call. It sounds like it is missing or something like that so i have turned the boost back down to be safe. I have the weekends off and this monday is my last day for college for a while.
Mitch, I am not doing anything Saturday...just going to look at an old Riviera with a buddy around 9am or so.....if you want (weather permitting) we can tune on the car say noon or so. Its up to you, if you dont bring your car up, Ill be working on mine, LOL. Just give me a call and let me know. Talk to you later.