Can the rear brake axle bracket bend?


Go on red!
I look at this car wrong and it needs something else. I have the 8.5" 10 bolt out totally apart and partially cleaned up. This weekend while I was pulling the bearings I noticed the two brackets that hold the backing plate and brake cylinder to the axle housings are both what appear to be twisted. It probably has nothing to do with that one time in 2005 I launched with the parking brake on, and forgot to release the cable for the first 60 ft on a 125mph pass...

1. Leave it, it's not that bad and its just rear drum brakes.

2. Whack with 2# sledge.

3. Whack with 2# sledge then weld in some bracing.

4. Cut the axle housing and put on rear discs (running 17's) do Ford ends because c clips suck and the rearend is out so why not.
here you go

3. Whack with 2# sledge then weld in some bracing.

I had this happen to mine years ago ( early 90s ). I have hyd. boost brakes. If you leave them twisted you run the chance of the pins that come out of the wheel cyl. missing the brake shoes or slipping off. This is what mine did while power braking on the startting line. IMO, you should straighten them as best you can with hammer or whatever method suits you best. I used some 1/2 in. square cold roll stock--cut to length with angle on end to somewhat mate to housing and plate--weld in place --no more twisting. NAPA used to sell a bracket that went over the wheel cyl.--held in place with 2 self tapping screws--this secured the cyl. to bracket with no play. If you notice the cyl. is held with a clip and most are not tight against the backing plate. Best of luck. It's odd, this the first time I've seen this brought up.

And while you have the welder out--put 3--1/2-3/4 in. long spots of weld equally spaced around the tubes where they are pressed into the center section. No need to weld all the way around--to much chance of warpage. I have done many this way--wire welder only---less heat.
Thanks! I've converted to hydroboost too, so it will get some abuse once I get it back to the strip. I'll take it over to my welder and have them go to town.