car cover for turbobuick


Feb 5, 2004
Looking to see if anyone has a good used car cover for gn they want to sell. I just can't afford the 200+ price tag for a good new one. If you have one, email me at

I have a car cover made for the Turbo Buicks that I purchased about 10 years ago. I believe I bought it from Kirban. It is light brown in color, has a soft backing to protect the paint and has fitted pockets for the mirrors. It fit the car perfect. I only had it on the car a few times and that was in the garage. It is stored in its on duffle bag today.
(I sold my car a few years ago)
Coincidently I offered to sell it to someone today, but if he does not take it I will let you know.

FYI, it may take a large box to ship it.
let me know

Yeah, let me know a price. I'm sure ill buy it if the other guy doesn't. I actually need 2 or three covers total, because I have 2 cars and I like to keep 2 covers on one of them. You can email me at

Sorry for the late reply. I have been away.
I need $85 for the cover plus shipping. The first (local) buyer is supposed to come through, so I will contact him this weekend.

I live in Forney Texas, so you might be able to get a price on shipping such a cover.

For some reason I can't respond to AOL accounts, so I will have to contact you through the site here. I can receive AOL e-mail.

The car cover is available to you if you still want it. Per the USPS web site, I find a large box shipping to NY from my office zip of 75043 is $22.59. Of course all shipping price depends on the actual size of a box required to ship the cover. I will work on the numbers and get back with you.

Greg McCall
i bought 2 already

I bought 2 covers off this board already, since I haven't heard back from you. Since I haven't received them yet, if I don't like them, then ill contact you. But for now ill pass. Thanks anyway
No problem

My fault for waiting on a sure buy Vs a maybe, but the maybe was a local friend so I was "stuck". :(

There's still a shot that I won't like one of the ones I bought. I need these covers for outdoor use, and one of them that I bought may be to "soft" for outdoor use. If that's the case, ill contact you.
Thanks for your understanding