Car cutting out log file


If you could look over these files and tell me if this is MAF cutout or not. It only happens on the cruising in the car not under hard acceleration.
Ls7 card maf in 4 inch tube.
60's inj 340 new pump w/ HW
CPT 66 turbo, Stock motor, Stretch SLIC
9 inch convertor Art Carr 200


  • Cruise Stumble twice.dat
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  • Part Throttle run.dat
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MAF appears to be erratic in several instances. I don't recall an LS7 being compatable for the Translator. To my knowledge it uses the LT1, LS1 and Z06. PM Eric here on the board for his opinion on your file.
02 is dropping out. Swap in a new Denso 02 sensor and report back. I assume you're running 6.1. The NB looks after everything up to 70 percent throttle and the WB tracks from there to WOT. If either sensor is fucked they won't report back to the ECM correctly and the fueling will be fucked.