Car dies, then will run and die... Help


Jan 28, 2007
Ive been trying to figure it out for the last 2 months on and off. I have been driving the car since Saturday when I thought I fixed it. When it is acting up, my hood mount fuel pressure gauge will flutter alot and pressure will die off, killing the car. the mods I have to the car are in my signature. I removed the Hotwire kit, to eliminate it. It didnt work.

I did however, kill the battery in it the last time it acted up. I always noticed the fpr gauge needle not staying still with that battery so I put a Optima red top in and I thought that fixed it because I drove it Saturday-tonight. I actually went drag racing Sunday and it didnt act up then.

I dont know what else it could be, I am considering replacing the alternator and starter just to rule them out. I am gonna try to eliminate the fuel pump from the picture this weekend. Does anybody have suggestions???

Thanks for looking,
I don't see how the starter would figure into it. Why not take the alternator to Autozone or Napa and have it tested?