Car missing/bucking=ignition problems?

.38 special

all spooled up
Oct 11, 2002
Ok, if you have been following my last two threads-I was having a detonation problem, but no lean condition. I was running 15psi with 93octane and was detonating at the top of second and through third.
I ended up adding xylene and turning down the boost to 14psi before I started throwing parts at it=and that seemed to help, but still had a small amount of detonation which is totally unacceptable.

Today, I went to go to a friends house and at just under half throttle it started missing and bucking. When it does this I can see what I think is a mist of fuel coming from the tail pipes. It does it at very low boost and only in drive, not if I rev it in neutral. However, if I floor it, it does ok-- a little sluggish, but no missing.
Now, I don't know if the problem is related, but here is some of the stuff I know is good and have done.

New Maf and T+
New Denso O2 sensor
FP 44 line off and is good under boost.
I've swapped coil packs.

I was thinking ign module, but haven't had time drive 60 miles to borrow a known good one.
Just wanted to know if there was something I was forgetting.
Sorry so long.