car protection

How do you like it? Are there magnets or clips that hold on the side/front? Thanks
thats Jack Cotton's son Brian working on that can get them embroidered with whatever u want...that one says the Great Pumpkin if I remember correctly....
I thought it was OK.. Room for improvement though on how it fastens to the car. I still use it though and it does it's job protecting the car while working on it.

There are 5 eyelets that line up with some bolts/posts just inside the hood lip. Hook them on and it stays on.

This is also where there is room for improvement. The eyelets seem to pop out of the material if you tug too hard on the fabric while you are leaning over into the engine bay. They could have improved this by reinforcing the eyelets with tougher fabric patches around the eyelets to keep them from pulling out of the fabric.