Car seems to lose power and stumbles a little?

When car is cold it wants to die, revs up, almost dies, etc. until it's warmed up? Will drive fine then when I've been driving it for awhile seems to lose power? Downshift it feels like, and chugs a little bit? What would be the first thing to check? Scanmaster readings all seem normal, I had the TCC solenoid replaced because before it would kill at stop lights, doesn't do that anymore? The chip is a turbotweak chip (stock chip). Seemed to help a little bit as well after I cleaned the K&N cone and recharged it. But still does the same stuff? The TPS is set at idle at .42 and the IAC at idle after warmed up is 20-25. BLM's seem normal and so does the IAC's? Could I maybe have a going bad cam shaft sensor cap? Or a MAP sensor going bad? Any help would be great thanks.:)

Yes I replaced all vaccum lines with new ones because the old ones were looking cracked on the ends. Unless I missed one somewhere? But as far as I know all were replaced?:confused: