Car shipping?


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Dec 7, 2002
Didn't know where to put this thread, but anyways...

I might be buying a car in Florida pretty soon, and I wanted to know any information about shipping cars regarding price etc. Thanks.
Be prepared to wait a LONG time (depending on pickup/drop-off points). I was told up to 6 weeks for a WA/OR border to Phoenix trip. (Major point-to-point is quicker ex: LA-PHX, NY-FL, NY-CHI) Places that are at normal terminals and on major N/S or E/W interstates are quicker than going off the beaten path(I-80, I-40, I-5, I-55, etc). It took my TR 6 or 7 days (lucky break that a truck with 1 spot was coming) and cost ~$500. I think they ripped off part of the exhaust too, but it may have been hanging low anyway and wasn't that big a deal to me on a $1500 car.

Shop around. These guys need the business, and plenty will make wacky offers. The downside to the business is most "shippers" are actually brokers who just sell the loads to the truckers. I paid $300 to the broker and $200 to the trucker (or there about). As I sat in the office waiting to pay them, I heard more than a few upset customers calling to inquire. I still was satisfied though. I just couldn't recommend them because my standards are significantly lower than most peoples! ;)

There seems to be a definite "over promise - under deliver" attitude, that turns into a "read the small print" attitude when you complain.

Oh yeah, plan a place for the semi to be able to unload without blocking traffic, and be available at WEIRD hours, because they want to drop and run. Sometimes (I hear) if it is inconvenient, they'll drop a bit off the price to get further down the road.
Yikes. Up to six weeks? Bogus. I've seen some places do "express" shipping, so there wouldn't be any way to ship the car in 7-10 days? If it takes up to six weeks, I might as well get a uhaul, and go down to Florida and have fun.
These are the people I've used before. Bought a car from Kirban a few years ago and had them ship it to me in Oklahoma. I paid a little extra for the covered trailer. I highly recommend a matter of fact....Dennis Kirban was so impressed with their service that he mentions them in he latest book...

Remember cheaper isn't always better....and the cheaper places may end up costing more in the end.

Good Luck,
Ditto on what bakerlaw67 said... How long it takes depends mainly on where youre located and where the car is located. According to the ppl I had ship my dually to me the only place its tough to get timely shippments to/from is the upper middle US as there just isnt a lot of truck traffic going in or out of there.

Also, depending on the type of car or location some companies ship the vehicles themselves on their own trucks or just broker the load out to other truckers. In my case the shipper didnt have a trailer to accomodate my dually so the load was brokered out to a driver that had a semi.

I got the dually in my sig shipped to my doorstep (well almost to my door step) in VA from CA in about 2wks for 1200 bucks of which ~700 went to the "broker" and the rest to the driver.

I recomend you call some shippers and see what they say. I tried first, who BTW are nice folksy folk, but they didnt have a trailer that my dually would fit on. I contacted them after doing a search on here and they came highly recommended by a couple of other ppl.

There are members on this board that will transport cars. I used Bobby Mason (BMason on and would highly recommend him.
I can't imagine better equipment, communication or service than these folks provide. Excellent experience with my GN from Connecticut to Texas.