Car stumples on boosting.


Apr 27, 2002
Here is the lowdown on my problem.

Car has a new headgasket on the driver side. I have put about 600 plus miles on the car since the headgasket replacement. Drove the car outta town ran DAMN strong on the way up. On the way home went to accelerate and when the car gets upto 8-10 lbs of boost it starts jumping and sputtering no boost and the car runs normally anything under 8 lbs car runs great. The turbo is an oem stock one. I am at my wits end. The ignition module is original from when I purchased the car as is the coil pack. I already changed the MAF 14 months ago. When I go it running.

Things I have done to diagnose this prob so far.

1. Checked, loosened, turned and retightened all IC hoses.
2. reset the computer.
3. I was going to drive the car with the maf disconnected but not sure if it would do anything.

Anything the turbo gods can help me with would be appreciated.


Check your fuel system, blow out your fuel lines, check for crap in the tank, replace the fuel filter, all three of my cars have suffered from symptoms such as the one your describing now, all have been traced back to fuel system problems
your point?? i put a new pump and 009 injectors in my car, the fuel lines still had crap in em, i couldnt figure out why it ran like crap under boost, i blew out the lines and the car started running great, just a suggestion, do you have good fuel pressure? a hot wire kit? does your pump moan??

What i was saying was that The tank is a yr old, along with a new hot wired pump (no growning) fuel pressure it 46lbs i think gonna check it again tomorrow. I think the filter hasn't been changed by me. Chances are it is OEM for the car. Will get to it tomorrow as well.

Thanks again. I will try cleaning out the lines also tomorrrow.

You say the module and coil pack are original from when you got the car......I had same problems when mine were bad. I would get to 8 lbs of boost and the thing would pop and miss, literally a no fire. If you have a buddy in your area who will let you try his thats what I did. If not fuel system it sounds like ignition to me.....
figured it out

turns out that the wires were the culprit. Figured it out when it began to rain real bad and the car ran worse