Car will not Idle


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Nov 30, 2015
Anyone know what could be wrong with my 84? It will start and run when I hold the pedal down but it will not stay at a normal idil when I do not have my foot on the pedal. I was just deployed and put a new battery in it, it was running before I left.
Do the spring cleaning if not already done. With the info given it could be numerous things. Bad fuel or filter, coil pack/ignition module,iac, tps, maf. More info will help others to chime in is the car stock???
Is it running like crap? Mine wouldn't, the bolt came out that holds the turbo in the adapter causing a vacuum leak

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Thank you for your service!
Was it running before you left?
Do you have a scan tool?
What's your location?
I am up in Northern NY, I appreciate all of the help yes it was running. I cleaned out the MAF before I left so I do not think that is the issue. I will check all of my bolt make sure none are missing. Do you think if I put some fuel additive in that may help? I do not have a scan tool.
As Jerryl said, a scan tool will help..Is the check engine light on? I would check the IAC Idle AIr Control valve. If the car has set for a while, I would check it..
Hahah cleaned out the IAC and seems I have made the problem worse. The car turns over and starts now but dies immediately after. Any ideas?
Sorry for the late response I will reset the IAC and no the check engine light is not on.
this may also be helpful for the three cables that hook onto the throttle body one will not hook onto anything can someone send me a picture of what theirs looks like on the back side thanks.