Jul 12, 2011
If anyone needs a carfax just PM me or post the vin and I will pull it for you asap. I am trying to figure out how to post it up so you can see the complete carfax. Just let me know Matt
Back at ya!

I sent you the report. Please let me know you got it. Looks clean and pretty detailed to me. Matt
Doors I bought

Hey I bought some used GN doors and found the build option sheet. Wanted to see if they were from a stolen's the VIN 1g4gj117xhp438570

1st vin

7/7/00 branded title exceeds mechanical limits, not actual miles, odo rollback
7/8/10 branded title exceeds mechanical limits
7/6/11 branded title exceeds mechanical limits

not sure what all that means? odo reading could be becasue it rolled over

2nd vin

8/26/2000 Accident/Damage Report minor or moderate damage reported.
very limited info on carfax.

Hope it helps Matt
Hi Matt,

Was wondering is you could check my vin out for me: 1g4gk4778gp432884 PM me or email me the results if possible.

Thank you.