Ceramic coated stuff on finally


Woosh WaGoN
Well I finally got around to finishing everything up after having the DP, exhaust housing, and turbo bracket coated:

The Powder Barons in Middletown, DE. The exhaust housing has a two stage coating with a 2000* base layer and cermakrome top layer. I'm firing her up this afternoon and going to the track this weekend so I'll see how it looks after some 25 psi passes.
I used the turbo coating 2000deg black fm thermal tech on my headers and they seem to be holding up. still need to do DP and turbo housing on mine.

The coating is holding up on the exhaust housing, but it's kind of hazy in two spot on the downpipe. I think exhaust leaked out of two of the bolts, so i'm not sure if it damaged the coating or if it'll buff out. I'll let you know tomorrow when I try. The coater suggested the two layer coating, so far it looks great still.