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  • Yes they are, and yes I will. PayPal to 67L88Vette@comcast.net . Email me your ship to addy as well, and I'll reply with shipping info as soon as I can.
    if you have that oil drain tube I will buy it for 50 I can meet you up I live in san jose let me know 408 722 2022 thanks
    Sorry, I sold the tube to 87WE4Boosted. I've heard there's a guy up in Vacaville/Fairfield area that does Turbo Buick work, otherwise, I usually try and do my own stuff. Good luck.
    u live in dublin area...Do you know any body that works and knows these cars I need some work done on my car?...also is that oil tube you have for sale is it stock? I need one for my car...I live in San Jose let me know thanks
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