Cheapest place to buy stock turbo..


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Well that just about says it. I just bought an '86 GN that needs a new turbo. I'm trying to get it on the road for minimal cash outlay, so I'm trying to find the turbo cheap. Anyone know where to look?
Check with The Radius Kid, he knows someone in Canada that does rebuilds at a good price or you might buy a used one off the board.
Used ones go for around 100-150 bucks and can be in very good condition. I bought one with 14K miles for $150..

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Used ones go for around 100-150 bucks and can be in very good condition. I bought one with 14K miles for $150..


Argh, I know that, that's why I am looking for one! I picked up this GN rather cheap, it would be great if I could get it on the road for only another $100-$150.

There aren't any for sale currently on the for-sale boards on this site anyway. Any other websites I should be looking on?

Man, if I'm going to have to spend more than that, I might as well buy an upgraded turbo. (te-45 maybe) Then I need injectors, a fuel pump, a chip, and likely some other stuff. I didn't want to spend that much simply getting the car running.. but I guess I will if I have to.

Think I could buy the upgraded turbo, but turn the boost down to like 12 psi so I could keep my stock fuel system?
te-45 is going to need much more than a chip, pump etc... to work well! :eek:

If the car still has the stock fuel pump it'll need replacing ASAP, they were marginal back in 1987 & ~14 years of use hasn't made it any better. I'd also go ahead & install a hot wire kit (to make sure the pump sees plenty of voltage), adj fuel pressure regulator and fuel pressure guage. Fueling is critical on a turbo car & is not an area to take ANY shortcuts with!

Try the Turbo Trader over at & you may as well read through and DO the Spring Cleaning while you're there. :)

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For some reason I scanned over those and thought they might have been sold already. I just emailed both guys, so thanks for pointing out my dumbassity! Hopefully I can get one of those turbos...

I am itching to drive this car, it's like being a little kid waiting for christmas morning again. Spent the money and can't drive the damn thing yet. :mad: