Check out my stock turbo shaft play!


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Got my GT6152 turbo in the mail and (with the help of Paul, pacecarta) removed the stock turbo and put on the new turbo yesterday. First thing we noticed with the old stock turbo was the huge in and out shaft play on the turbo. It was between 3 and 4 mm! There was very little side to side play though. Paul took the turbo apart to see what the fins looked like. There was so much play that the fins rubbed against the housing and ate away the housing too.

Here are some pics and a movie of the turbo. I ran 3 straight 12.4s last time at the track with this turbo in November! Good god, think what I would have been running with a good stock turbo. No wonder it didn't spool well with the tight converter. :eek:

Here's a movie .


wobbly turbo

I rebuilt my stocker last year at about 105K miles, and it was the original unit.Anyway, bigtime shaft wear.All the oil holes were sludged, cleaned them and installed new parts. However,there has since been nothing like the fast spool up I had with the original. I didn't dump oil into the intake like in the old days, however. The situation has marginally improved, but it don't have the balls anymore. My suspected solution? New turbo! Good luck....

that is usually caused be thrust bearing failure in turbo.Can be caused by lack of lube or high ex. temps.You might consider pulling you IC to flush out good so you dont push that junk thruogh the engine.Just my 2cents
Man, those impeller blades need some attention if not replaced with a new impeller. Your shroud has to have some damage from the looks of those blades as well. You will probably end up with excessive clearance between the blade and shroud causing a significant drop in efficiency.

All that metal had to go somewhere. Right into your cylinders. Hope the rings are ok! I dont see how it could do that if you didnt have much side to side play.