chips for stock injectors (86/87)


May 29, 2001
Just bought a bone-stock 87 Turbo-T. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it just yet so I don't want to dive in and buy the wrong set of injectors, chip, turbo etc. In the mean time I can't stand the converter lock-up and idle issues with the stock chip.

In the old days I had good luck with Jay Carter chips but I'll take anything even if its a race chip...I've got a drum of race fuel in the garage :cool:

I'm on a budget with this thing as it was an "un-planned purchase" otherwise I'd just order a new chip.

i have an atr pitbull street chip that works with stock injectors for 30.00 shipped. i can take paypal or money order for payment.
I'll take the Testa chip if you've still got it, PM me payment details please.
I've got a hypertech for stock injectors that i'd sell. They use pretty high timing levels though, so you'd have to add octane. send me a pm if interested.