Christmas Special to Buick GS NATS 2003 Fans

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Download time for 53 MB of video about 4 minutes.
Unless you're connected to the Net with a kite string and Dixie cups. :p That'd take a week to download here. :D
Broadband Access Required

Sorry for phone connections,

I have AOL Broadband access and it took me about 20 minutes to upload to the internet and only 4 minutes to download from the net when you "Save Target As.."

Then push play and sit back....
Thanks for the video. Took about 2 minutes on my Satellite connection. I am loving broadband!! :D

Good choice of music. I think Rich Reezes would also agree.

Great job! I shared with my GM car club and they thought it was super. Nice to see my ride in there.
good music choice

"you need Intercoooooolin, baby my turbo's spoooooolin, im gonna send some, mustangs back to scooooolin."

Great job Brett...

Just got to see it for the first time. Great "collage" of the '03 Nationals:)

Louie, I kind of like the NEXT TO LAST one though:cool:
Took a looong time to download with the computer @ home, well worth the wait.

Oh yes, great music, too.

Thanks for sharing.;)
Really well done! Took less than a minute to get. Louie, did you have to change your shorts after that launch?:eek: