Chrome on Quarter Glass vs. Black out trim???

Dr. Jeckel

New Member
Jul 29, 2003
Trying to get a replacement quarter glass for my T-type that has black-out trim but the junkyards don't have any with black trim, just the chrome ones from regular regals.
My question is it the same trim, just chrome instead of black or is it a different trim and ruber peice? I don't mind painting the chrome trim to black if that is the only difference.
If anybody has ever had to do this or knows for sure please let me know, I hate driving around with plastic for a window :(
Thanks, James.
I am going to paint the chrome. But what I am asking is if it is the same peice as the black trim, just chrome?
I think the question you're asking. Is can it be done.
Answer is yes. Scuff the chome up with fine grit paper.
I used bumper paint which had no gloss. Came out fine.
Saved money and no one could tell.

Both as someone pointed out fit the same. No worries..

HTH'ed....You cn E-Mail me if you want to.
Well I went ahead and ordered one from gbody parts that had the dark tint, as I was going to have to drive out to the junkyard and give them a deposit, then go back the next day and pick it up then paint it, have my buddy put it in then go have it tinted the next day. And since I had already spent time off work to try and get one from another junkyard on friday, they tried to give me one for a vinyl top, I decided to just get the right one and stop all the hassal and driving and wasting my time. Thanks for the replies.