Cks Billet E4340 700 Parts


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Dec 10, 2002
hello again.just writing to let you all know that we are currently going into production of our internal mechanical upgrades for the gm 700r4 AND 4L60Etransmissions.first part will be an e4340 output shaft for all syclone typhoon and 4 wheel drive vehicles.following will be an e4340 rear planetary carrier with pressure fed oil feed to the pinion shafts and pinion gears,e4340 reaction tubes,e4340 input housings,and others.those who are serious contact me as we will only produce what is in demand plus a few extras.products have already gone enough real world testing to validate their ability to perform in the true most extreme environments as our other products that preceeded them.let me hear some feedback and thanks to those who have supported us and understand that the foundation of ckperformance is based on our unique understanding of the inner workings of the automatic transmission.we also have produced another shift recalibration kit for this transmission based on information we gathered while producing our 2004r kit . i think that kit spoke for itself.thanks again kai pali yeia hara.
Off subject Chris but does the AOD conversion have a trans dipstick??And what kind of trans mount does it use?? Chris you are the man when it comes to innovations that WORK.Thanks CK:D
comes with a filler tube and a ford mount.the plate included adapts the mount to the stock crossmember.have convertor but cant road test because of the snow.hopefully itll be melted by monday .
Sure Chris will say he does a lot of high performance vehicles but from what I've seen and the reputation he has in the industry, he selling you pipedreams and delivering much less.

Questions a smart owner would ask and and questionable answer to any of these questions should send up many red flags.

How many Syclones have these new wonder parts or any part from CK for that matter

Has CKPerformance had any real experience with fast Syclone or Typhoons?

What kind of service can be expected not just promised?

How many of these drums are out?
What times do they run in a high horsepower SYCLONE or TYPHOON? (Everyone knows our trucks aren't just run of the mill)
How many miles do your drums have in these applications?
Whats the breaking point?
How much hp will it take?
How much torque will it handle?

How many times down the track?
Name all the low ET Syclones and Typhoons that are currently using them. What has been their experience with these products or even this company?

How is the timing issue between the new clutch pack (yet to be determined) and the forwards and 3-4? GM has spent millions on tring to figure this out and they still haven't done it This tranny is already severaly challenged on the timing issue and now you are introducing an even more complex issue. It will never happen, you'll see. This clutch idea is bad and even several steps in the wrong direction.

What happens when the timing isn't right? I know and it won't be pretty as you'll soon see.

Who is going to reprogram the vavle body to get the timing right? As everyone knows these VB's are hard to get right let alone reprogram.

Are their instructions for this mod?
When the band burns or the clutchs fail prematurely, assuming, of course that it will even work in the first place, who pays for it?

Whats the warrenty? Is there phone support directly with CK?

I wouldn't buy anything until it's proven many times for many years Why would he need money up front for products that aren't even made or even tested yet?
There's better systems out there that are proven. I'd stick to that otherwise you'll get burned worse than every clutch pack in your guinea pig tranny.

Chris has quite a few drums floating out there for the 200-4R with great success.

So I would trust his work.

But you say there are better options out there for the drum...

What are they,
as a builder I'd like to know.

Because everything I've seen so far fails.

Yes the 700-R4 has issues I don't think will ever be totally resolved. But for you guys with the 700's already installed you have to take what you can get or go to another trans.

Chris also has proven valve body mods. As noted here by his 200-4R kits.
the post is here to say he is in production and they will sonn be available right?

Again I ask,

What are the currently available better options?
only a foolish individual would make an unsubstantiated claim such as you have j waller.and with 4 posts here i can see that the underlying means of your post is to initiate an unfriendly situation.if you want to see fast cars go on my website and the proof is there .dont take my word for it.obviously i have hit a nerve in your being due to the fact that i have created something that perhaps you have failed at trying to do or just dont have the means to accomplish.this is evident by your attempts to discredit me elsewhere.if you look around and search for any bad luck with my products or situations where i didnt come through you will not find any .i have engaged in inappropriate dialogues with individuals here and there because of my way of thinking but this is no way reflects poor workmanship,or products that dont perform.i suggest you direct your anger and insecurities with my products towards making something of your own to fill the void you have created inside yourself by being an far as timing issues with clutch application and accumulation rates ,this is something you have not found a solution too and i have .after building 700r4s for police and taxi and street strip for almost 19 years i certainly do understand the inner working of a 700r4.i have build well over 1000 700r4s my friend and after a while i can close my eyes and see the worm track of the case in my wherever you are getting your parts from continue too as they will certainly fall short of what we have made or we would have never wasted the dont even know me so think before allowing your mouth to swallow yourself up.
thanks for the personal attack chris. but could you answer the questions?

where is this 700 drum?
when is it avail?
how is the timing worked out?
how many test miles does it have?
was that in syty's?
how fast?
how much hp?
whats the warrenty?
and on and on......
all legit questions that need answering before the syty community throws down tens of thousands of dollars on your parts.

I'm glad you have experiance with taxi's and 700's but how about syty's?
based on the problems you are having with clutches and shift timing you better reevaluate how you or your transmission builder are putting 700s together as we are way beyond those seems you have alot to learn.there seems to be an increasing number of high dollar entities that are proving to the transmission world that they only overhaul transmissions and dont have a clue as to the theory of operation.this is very disturbing to me as i will never be associated with this category of individuals by those who are honest enough to admit that fact to themselves.this is the real problem.we have mastered shift hydraulics for high horsepower 700s and are now addressing the final problems with real worls solutions in the form of mechanical internal upgrades.the 3 drums are in test vehicles and have already been reexamined and reinstalled to be reinspected again down the road.the output shafts can handlein excess of 15ooftlb ,and the input drum over 700 at this stage of testing at 3800lbs as tested in our test vehicles.the first one was installed over 2 years ago.we will warrantee in writing all output shafts and input drums for 5 years from date of go put your energy into solving those clutch timing issues that got you and your builder so puzzled.
chris I don't have any timing issues. bc I know how to dial in a vb.

now please answer the questions.
what are the test vehicles?
how fast are they?
is it a syty?
how many miles?
does it require high line pressure?
what are all the other modifications required to use this part?

the drum can only handle 700lbs?
I have stock drums holding that much..whats the deal?
what are you using to replace the sprag?
what clutchs?
Are the VB mods required to make this work included?

I see you warrenty the drum for 5yrs. how about the rest of the stuff that is destroyed when this drum fails?
why dont you call me?718 626 9629 .im home right now.ill answer all your waiting.
I want the entire public to hear it not just me. I don't need endless babble on the phone.

you are trying to sell this product to the buick/syty crowd. it's not cheap and I want to be sure everybody gets what they are payin for.
why are you so bent on parts failure?im guess you are consistently blowing up 700s?you seem to be hoping to see the buying public have a failure with my that the kind of individual you are?what are your accomplishments in the transmission world?every attempted public crucifiction of my company on the web in regards to new products resulted has proven to be a waste of time as we never let anyone down in the quality department.
Originally posted by chris718
why are you so bent on parts failure?im guess you are consistently blowing up 700s?you seem to be hoping to see the buying public have a failure with my that the kind of individual you are?what are your accomplishments in the transmission world?every attempted public crucifiction of my company on the web in regards to new products resulted has proven to be a waste of time as we never let anyone down in the quality department.

why am I so bent of failures? bc every 700 behind anything with power if not built correctly will have problems.

I want to see proof that it works before ppl throw down tens of thousands of dollars on the newest latest and greatest.

a simple explanation of the inner workings and the proof that it works in a vehicle that has something other than LT1... with 275hp.
you dont have enough balls to pick up the phone and the sy ty crowd certainly has the ability to ask me questions without you getting involved .that is publicly evident by your refusal to call me now isnt it?ill answer all your questions and some you may not want to know the answers to.lolhahaha.
sorry but we dont have those should have paid attention to my post on the other board about mechanical operation of a 700 and learned something from it instead of finding it disturbing that someone beat you or whoever to the finish line in the design department.this accomplishment should be a joyous one celebrated by those who will benefit from the durability and increased performance of their vehicles.not a war of words on the computer that youll never get anything out of except more frustration.the reputation of our products and my dedication is enough to prove that we are not looking to beat anyone out of money or the like or sell something that doesnt live up to the buyers expectations,or our implied performance of the waiting to hear from you .sincerely christos kokkonis
chris. I want to spend my money on your product but your not convinving me of its worth.the proof has not been shown.

If you are attemping to produce these new drums and market them to the TH700 crowd then you should be more than willing to share the validity of it's design and operation.

I specialize in syty rebuilding and 700's of all kinds and am interested in your new product, but so far you haven't done a great job of sharing with me the proven facts.

you should be more than happy to explain the product to buying public without name calling or inflammatory remarks.
there really is no attempt to manufacture and sell these products.the product is already slated for manufacture and will be sold.they have been tested in cars making 1100 horsepower horsepower and over1000 ftlbs of torque.our test mule is a 3800lb hurst olds with a434 sbc and a 300shot fogger and a 100 plate is making alot more power than most sy tys are at this stage.the other 2 are high horsepower and heavier vehicles than ours.once again this is no attempt this is a done deal.we want to know that we will sell them or we will put the money into lifting another more interesting bird off the ground.most people wouldnt invest in making these parts a reality but our drive will prove we can take things from the paper and make them a reality as we have done in the past.
anybody that knows anything in the perf trans world know that syty's are harder on trannies than almost anything out there. If it can break our trucks will break them.

a 700hp awd sy will put just as much stress if not more than any 3800lb 2wd.
and 700hp sy/ty's are getting much more common than they were only 2yrs ago.

our vehicles weight in from 3000lbs on a lightened sy to 4400lbs for a heavy typhoon.

Their is an individual who is representing your company or it's interests on our BB. Thats where I got the issue of your marketing.

your right in that most ppl wouldn't invert time/money in an aging technology. but there is a limited market for this product.

I am simply trying to get the best product that I won't have any problems reccommeding to my customers and installing in their trucks.