Closing car lot. Selling all the following


Low on traction
May 24, 2001
Parts washer/ solvent tank $100
Lincoln floor jack 2 ton $100
Rotory car lift 4 months old include truck adapters $3200
Engine crane $75.00
Engine stand $75.00
Matco welding helmet $70.00
Echo gas powered back pack blower $200
Echo gas powered weed whip $200
MTD Pro 33" lawn mower $700

I am located in Mishawaka IN
574 514 2334
And yes I can take a picture of any item. send me an email and I'll reply.
Parts washer/ solvent tank $100.

Can I get a picture of this and any idea how much to ship to 78602?

I'm interested in the parts washer. This is at LNC Auto right? I'm the one who works at the gas station right next door. I might be interested in the lift and blower too but I'll have to check into it.

Typical Pontiac guy... never showedd up. ;)

I'll be there all day Monday working on the other GN, stop in then.
Haha sorry about that, wasn't sure if you were gunna be there and ended up going to a swap meet in Kalamazoo. I'll come by Monday after school at around 2.