Code 23 on scanmaster??????


The lil' gray sensor that is near the air filter.
Last time this happened to me it had just came unplugged....This was due to me racing a 80's Ford Ranger with a V8 in it ....guess it vibrated out... I won :cool: though. I keep the codes in folded up in a pouch in the ride at all times. Just pulled in a gas station scrolled through the Scanmaster and pulled out da cheat sheet and popped the hood and walla sensor had came unplugged.
How do you pull codes out of the Scanmaster? I've scrolled though the thing a bunch of times and never noticed any. Of course I don't have an owners manual....
Unplug the orane wire ( behind the battery) to the ECM and see if the code comes back on. Were you cleaning or moving your K&N filter maybe you jarred it loose. Oh you forgot to write in your signature that the car was tuned by BADINBLACK6;) . I burned a couple of chips I want you to try.