coil pack


It's my Granny's car!
My T had a dead skip and 2 cyls were not firing. I put the original pack back on. It ohms out at 19.5k,13.4k,12.5k.
The newer one I took off w/2 dead cyls ohms at around 11000 on all 3.
What the heck is up with that?
I 2nd that! Take em to Advanced and they'll test em right. Coil imp. test really can only be used when coil is open or shorted - even then its really not reliable since sometimes they are functions of temperature, vibration, ... etc...

Heck, I called advance and they couldn't check the ign module.
They are a bunch of goofs around here!
yea, i had to find the *right* Advanced Auto to do it - most of em aint got the right connector or sumin. I got one like 2 blocks away but i drove 20 miles to get it done at another one. I think Auto zone might do it too.