Come laugh at my first ever 1/4 pass..


Oct 16, 2002

Ok, so ignore the weird staging process..they were doing something called 'street light drags' that I'd never witnessed before..just a regular red/yellow/green light like what you see on the road. Strange.

Just regular street tires on 18" wheels, obviously I knew it wasn't going to hook but I just had to give it a shot. Launch with no boost, spun badly all the way through 3rd, finally had to let out of it around the 500' mark I think and get back in it..forgot too lock the converter once I hit third (doh!) and wound up with a 12.88 at 116.43 mph. 2.12 60'. 8.65 at 91.54 in the 1/8th.

Given a good launch on ET Streets, hoping for 10psi, 27psi total, and locking the converter, (and not having to get off the gas half way down the track) you think I'd be set for low 11's at 125? I may be able to crank it to 30psi. It's done it before. Any other tips? I haven't been on a drag strip since I was 18 or so. 31 now.

Any input is welcome. I am hoping for high 10's at 125 with this setup. Seems doable, right?
I have no input on the pass, but i'd like to know what those wheels are. They fit the car very well.
I think no one is laughing because we have all been there. The first and only time I went to the strip (with a rustang) I lined up at the tree on my second attempt and noticed no one was next top me. Looked back to see they were rolling the other car back...looked forward to see the tree was green :confused:. I said f it...I wanted to try and get a good reaction time, this was bs, and I wasn't going anywhere. Eventually they restarted the tree. My then girlfriend told me they were ragging on me on the microphone that goes to the whole place. I ice skated down the strip everytime and netted a 13.?? in a car that should have been 11's. The third time up my car got jammed in 2nd during the burnout. I never experienced that and didn't know what to do, I thought letting the clutch out slowly might set her free. Nope....I stalled out :oops:. But I got her back in gear and tried another. In the end no one was born walking, you have to learn as you go.
Leaving the track in one piece and under your own power are small victories.
It will be nice to see what the car does with more seat time and tuning.
Ha - thanks guys. Silver Fox, I realized this would probably be an embarrassing experience regardless and didn't want any more witnesses than necessary - I only got the one run in and figured that would be the case anyway. Car leaks oil and tranny fluid and they said it's gotta be fixed before running again, and I knew the street tires wouldn't do me any good.
Technically it should have a drive shaft loop too when running 12.99 or faster on street tires but they didn't check for I should probably get one installed before going back.
I'm gonna work on the leaks and get some ET Streets and give it another shot - I will for sure hit you up once this is done.