Complete Engine Rebuild Parts/Kit for mostly stock - 1/2 price


Feb 25, 2007
Have everything you need to rebuild a turbo motor back to mostly stock. For comparison I Have looked up and am showing the price of each item if bought separately. I am selling the entire package for about half, shipped, $800 . All parts are new and never installed. Do not want to separate. Following is a list of all that is included:


Speed Pro forged pistons, L2481F, 0.030 over $ 372
Sealed Power ring set E-434K 30 87
Sealed Power main bearings 7144-MA STD 44

Sealed Power rod bearings 6-3755A STD 30
ARP head studs 123-4003 87
ARP rod bolts 123-6002 85
Dura-Bond cam bearings BP-13 22
Sealed Power engine gasket set 260-1238 97
Hydraulic valve lifters (Sealed Power ?) 48
Valve springs 115# 50
Cam button, roller/adjustable 40
Cloyes double roller timing set 9-1134 66
Cam shaft GN T-107 (mild) 200
Oil Pump rebuild kit 17
Lucas 38# fuel injectors D1163BA - 6 360
Intake/valley pan gasket MS49018 25
Rear main seal 10
Freeze plugs 12
Extra Victor head gasket set free
New unused fuel pump, brand/size unknown free

( $1652 ) selling all for $800 shipped
Seems like a good deal if you ask me. This should sell pretty quick at this price. GLWS
Kit now includes set of ARP main cap studs. Somehow they were missed on the original post. Another $66 value. No increase to the total price. Remains at $800....for now.