Complete LQ4 , 4L80e, PT88, RJC Megacooler

John N

Nov 10, 2005
I don't have many pictures and my garage is a state away, so bare with me and just ask if you really need something specific.

$1200 - PT88 (4 bolt) with 20 passes from new. Wastegate tube welded to exhaust housing for best control.

$800 - RJC 325 Megacooler with polished piping. I think I paid almost $1200 for this setup if memory serves me. Has 5 passes.

$1700 - LQ4 6.0L iron block LS1 complete from water pump to flywheel, intake to pan. 100k miles on motor. 10k miles on redone 241 LS1 heads. Would be the perfect candidate for a cheap nitrous or turbo killer. Can make a deal for long block.

$600 - Late model 4L80e and converter from 2wd van. Van was rearended. Only had 50k miles.

Call or text John at 856 905 1908
New Jersey 08080





Just looking for quick cash to get my 69 Chevelle painted. Unless you have a nice top end for a turbo LS1 and cash to trade for something, then I might be tempted.
Intercooler is the thinner core so it can still be driven on the street with no overheating issues from blocking the radiator. Has the polished pipes as well.
$800 for the Megacooler. Literally a couple dyno pulls and trailered to the track once. It is as new as it can be.