computer gurus... mac vs. pc

Scott Atk

Senior Member
May 25, 2001
Just found out my stepkids got Apple IBooks from their dad. I was wondering if they will be able to use my PC based wireless network at the house? Also, what about file sharing? Specifically MP3 files. Sorry if this is a dumb question, I know zero about Apple stuff. THanks in advance.
found this on the apple website.
Business Networking

Apple computers are designed to be interoperable and work seamlessly with your Windows-based systems. With Mac OS X, Mac and Windows computers can easily share the same network, files, and peripherals. In managed networks, Mac and Windows systems can connect to the same file, print, mail, web, and directory servers, and Macintosh computers can be used with Active Directory, Exchange mail servers, and Microsoft’s VPN server. In addition, Apple computers support wireless connectivity based on industry-standard 802.11g Wi-Fi, giving you instant connectivity on the road. Your business has never been more compatible.