Computer Power Supply For Tlink


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May 25, 2001
I have decided on tlink for my GN but my laptop (which is an old 386) will only work using the ac adapter, the battery is scrap.
What is the best and cheapest way to operate the computer without the 110v supply?
Also will turbolink work good on the 386?

I use an A/C Inverter that plugs into the cigarette lighter. I got mine on sale at Sam's Club for ~$25. It helps if the battery will hold even a couple minutes of charge (since it acts as a "buffer" against any "humm" or noise from the inverter).

A 386 will work fine with TurboLink.
Thanks Ken, is this something that I could get at say radio shack?
Are there particular amp ratings that I should be concerned about?
Does the ac adapter plug into the inverter from the lighter?

How long are the orders running to ship turbolink these days?

You can get them a lot of places ...
Harbor Freight
Sam's Club

All have pretty decent prices. Get one that's at least in the 150 watt range (the one I got at Sam's club 300 watts).

You plug the AC cord from the laptop charger into the inverter and the inverter into the lighter.

As far as TurboLink delivery times, it's cyclic as to where I am in the parts cycle. I've got about 1/2 a batch unspoken for right now, but they don't last long. I'm finishing up assembly for shipment next week. Next shipment of parts is in about 2 weeks.

I'm trying to get things to flow a bit smoother, but the board etcher is kind of erratic on when he'll make a run of boards for me.
Take a look at your ac power supply chances are that it runs on dc current. I had an old epson I used for turbo lnk and this was the case. I simply established the polarity of the wires and soldered on a cig. adaptor from radio shack. Hope this helps
Never thought of that, Baby Boeing I will have to check.

Ken, will tlink work on my 93 S-10 blazer?

Depends ... that was kind of a transition year for the C3/P4. Take a look at the ALDL plug.

If the Lower row, 2nd from the right pin is populated, chances are it is a P4 and it won't work. If it's not populated, it might work ...