Confused About Overheating & Leak Location...


Dec 31, 2005
Early this summer I had overheating problems, and it was quite obvious that the problem was that I needed to replace a bad water pump because the leaking water was coming straight from the water pump.

I replaced the bad water pump with a brand new one, and the car has been running fine for months now... Today I was driving, and my Scanmaster had a Mal Code 14, and I found out that it indicates that the coolant sensor is reading high.

I pulled over into a gas station, and it was evident that the car was hot... Let it sit a while and added some coolant & water, after that everything seemed to be fine until I got home and noticed that there was water leaking under the car.

It wasn't coming from the water pump area, but when I looked under the car where the puddle was located, the water was dripping from the crossover pipe near the oil pan...

I'm not quite sure where that leak could be coming from, has anybody experienced this type of issue? Any help would be greatly apppreciated.

Thank You
Check the heater control valve...they are known for leaking when they wear out...also check the heater hoses...could be a loose clamp...cracked hose...etc
First off how hot did you get it? If it's more towards the passenger side I'd take a good look at all the heater hoses, heater valve and the heater hard lines. Take a mirror and look real good at the back of the intake. Also take the flywheel cover off and with a good flashlight look up at the soft plugs on the back of the block.
Dunno how hot you got the car, but when I had a leak as you describe around the crossover pipe area it turned out to be a leaking heater core. I got a new one for $26 from Napa, and also bought a new heater valve (mine was rusty..) from one of our vendors.

It is more towards the passenger side of the car, so I am going to check the heater hoses and whatnot to make sure there are no cracks or a worn hose. I will also check the heater control valve as well, and let you guys know what I come up with... I appreciate all of the feedback.
Check the passenger floorboard. If it's wet, it might indicate the heater core.
i would get under it and take off the flex plate cover off and starter to make sure its not the back of the head.