Conversion from digital Dash to Mechanical


OH, OK .......Now I get it
Can I eliminate my digital dash & convert it to mechanical ? Any body that can steer me the right direction on this ?
I'd steer you away from that. It would require an entire dash harness and a few other items under the hood. Finding (and swapping) a dash harness is a big project, and difficult to find.

Fix the digital dash instead. You'll save yourself a big headache.
Thanks , I had no Idea , but that makes sense. Casper's for a refurbish then ?
its not that bad to convert it ,its much easier if you arent trying to make the tach boost led work
for the instrument cluster the digital has two connectors , the main connector has most of whats needed to convert..som need to be moved around and a couple wires on the second connector (fuel level) need to be moved over to the main to make it match the analog configuration
you would also need a std analog sender in the tank if you want a correct reading fuel gauge as the digial uses 0-120ohm sender and the analog uses 0-90 ohm
for the tach youd need the dash end connector to mate to the tach module connector (or cut and hard wire) and then remove digital connector 2 and wire it up


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I have mechanical Oil, Volts, & Temp gauges. Now , Never trusted the digital since I got her. The digital speedo started reading strange & way over what I was actually driving . I have an OEM mechanical Speedometer & fuel / temp combo that i was wondering if I could replace the digital board with ? I was also wondering if I would I have to change gears & cable in the 700R4 tranny ?
This is an '84 hot air powerplant in my '75 Jeep CJ5 .. It's a one of a kind & the guy that built this , back in 1995 , is Dead.
I'm on my own here, along with any advise from Ya'all that is given.
Thanks , again.
if you have a full cluster (even if its from a base regal ) and the cut off connector for the analog with the colored wires it will make swapping to analog easier , as for the speedo if your cable is binding it will cause incorrect speedo reading , once you have the analog in and sure the cable isnt binding you can drive and see what your speedo reads vs actual speed using GPS , if you need to adjust the gears in the transmission to correct readings youll have the numbers you need to select the correct gear using the TCI website calculator
Thanks, Man. This is great info & gives me hope & a starting place . I'm going to start removing the digital dash today & look at the harness & connectors , per your jpg's.