Converter Noise !!!


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Aug 20, 2001
any one ever had a light knocking sound coming from the converter area, loudest when engine is cold, thought that maybe it was loose bolts but no they're tight. know it's not a rod knock, had it on the lift and can clearly hear it in the area of the converter. i also think it could be creating some false knock under load. any one ever heard of this problem before? what is it!!!
Cracked converter neck will do that too ... It actually "chatters" in the relief grooves for pump rotor.

I have had this trouble with a couple of convertors with the sound you describe. Still have not found the problem though. I just had the tranny done using WE-4's Billet roller assembly and an opened up D5 convertor. I also checked the front pump, flex plate, convertor bolts and they all look fine. The noise only appears at idle cold..

Hey Bruce or Mike K, could it be the different types of metals being used when matching the hardened stator support and the spline inside the convertor??
Sure it is not the cam sensor? I know this sounds odd but I traced mine and it drove me nuts for a year. turned out to be cam sensor when cold.. Sheesh what a wild snipe hunt..

convertere noise

WE4 no it's not the cam sensor, the noise is from under the trans in the converter area.
I know.... just tellin you what I found. Also Exhaust leak at crossover will do that also. Bet its pump rotor tho..