Converter Staying Locked up


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Hi gang just thought I would ask your opinion. Took my car out for about a 150 mi. spin, and on the way home I noticed the care shifted just fine but would not disengage lockup. It has a new rebuild and shift kit, bigger cervo, this is a BO out of 85 gn. Any help would be appreciated.
Very common malady.

You have a sticking TCC solenoid. It's easy to replace by simply dropping the pan. It's retained by two 10-mm bolts.
I recently changed my TCC solenoid on my GN. Very simple to do, two 10mm bolts, and unplug the two plugs and done. You might just have to order the part from the dealership as they usually don't stock it.

Speaking of purchasing one from a dealer...

If you ask for a Monte Carlo application, you're more likely to find one in stock as it was shared with other models and more common.

You'll just need to move your 3rd-gear pressure switch wire from your original harness to the new one.