Converter suggestions please!


Turbo Member
Jun 1, 2001
I am looking to upgrade my orange stripe converter on my '87 T.
It is very slow to spool and I can only get about 4#'s boost when I power brake it.
The car has the following mods, 40# injectors, PTE60, 3" DP, large neck stock intercooler, 208/208 .455" lift cam 109 C/L, larger intake valves and overly ported & polished heads.
I would like to get a lock up either a 9.5" or the 9/11 but I do not know what stall speed I should go to. I am thinking 3100-3300 rpm? What do ya think? Please let me know.
Yes , I would agree 3000-3300 depending on usage.:)