COnverter won't Lock Up


May 26, 2001
Ok did a search but it did not really help me. Here is my problem.

Fresh Tranny built by local tranny place, New converter from Pats.

WHen i'm cruising at say 45-50 i feel the converter locking and unlocking. Like it can't decide what it is doing. Now when i'm on the highway going faster (65-70)and cruising no lock up..

Now when i put the paper clip in the ECM pinouts i get it to lock up and when i hit the brake it unlocks. Seems to work properly,

Now it just won't do it with the ecm pinouts.

ALso thought maybe temp might have something to do with it car ran at like 160 so i put a piece of cardboard in front of the radiator and got the temp up to 180 and still no lock up...

Any advice is appreciated

Well, you ruled out the transmission/converter as being the problem. Have you tried a different PROM chip and or ECM?