converting 85' to 86' - 87' ecm


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Nov 17, 2012
where can i find the complete swab for the ecm and chip.
its very hard to find a chip for my 85 grand national i have upgraged injectors (32lb)
itll be much easier to swab it and i also want to put electric fans in the future so i heard it s much easier to already have everything converted (ecm and chip)

Hey man im the same way i got the ecm chip, injectors and the
Temp sensor. But not sure if i can use the stock 85 mas sensor
So not sure i need to buy the mas sensor or not. ???????
where you get the ecm chip? is it for bigger injectors?
i just think it'll be best to convert you can find more chips and get a better performance.
i want to install electric fans and it'll be much easier with 86-87 conversion.
Well i did my electric fan with a shroud went bought the relay at autozone
With the auto on relay and it works fine. And yeah the conversion got the
38lbs injectors with the chip for them. Not installed yet cuz i dont know
If i need the 86/7 mas air flow meter.
I found a forum ill share with u i need to find it firt but the guy was using the 85 mas sensor