Cooling: Which way works best?


I recently installed a tranny cooler in front of my radiator. I did not bypass the Radiator. The liquid flows from the tranny, to the radiator, then to the cooler mounted in front, then back to the tranny. I mounted an aftermarket electric fan (small) in front of the tranny cooler to have the fluid cooled when the car is idling. Is this the best way to get the fluid as cool as it can possibly be or would I be doing both my engine and my tranny a favor by going a head and bypassing the radiator and just having the fluid go to the cooler (w/fan) leaving only water to be cooled by the radiator. I don't have a trans temp gauge so the only way for me to tell is by touching. (OUCH! :mad )

Has anybody looked at their trans temp and noticed a big difference in any of the above methods? Is their a better way?
Your fine...

You did it the best way possible.
There have also been 3 or 4 posts on this in the last couple days. Ck them out too if you get the chance.