Cop Car From Movie "Black Sheep" info????


ya, the Monte over there.
Sep 11, 2001
The Cop Car (Chevy Caprice w/ NOS, jacked up in the back) from the Movie Black Sheep w/ Chris Farley. does anyone have any pics/links to anything about this car? I used to have an 87 Caprice and I want to do a Cop Car Clone just like the one from the movie but I cant find anything about it. Let me know.
That's the one... I can't remember if Farley said ""Well, I got a 426 Hemi in her"... wouldn't surprise me, Hollywood is horrible for any sort of vehicle accuracy. I used to love on the show "Hunter" when DeeDee would speed off in her Plymouth Lazer, it sounded like a big block Chevy :D

thats the one. thanks for the pic. still interested in any other pictures. thanks guys.
The only problem, so few people will remember the movie that they won't know what you're trying to accomplish :D

I always wanted to buy a Pacer and build a powder blue with flames "Mirthmobile" like in Wayne's World, complete with roof mounted Twizzler dispenser :D
I'm really not worried if no one knows what the car is from, I just like the Caprices and think that would be cool to make a "Cop Car"out of it. I might just do the black and white color scheme, w/ a spotlight, and light bar, I think the local Police wouldn't be crazy if I put Police on the side of
Ro aaads....roooooods hahaha thats a funny word. Do you have any idea how fast you were going? Well i got a 427 hemi with a nitrous kit blablabla............6.........6 miles per hour. And usually when i pull people over they pull over on the SIDE of the road. LMAO great flick.